Welcome to MELSIG

Welcome to the Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group site.

Update on the mini-twalk and the Twalk Toolkit!

On Tues 19th December 2017 we conducted the #minitwalk in the afternoon joined by colleagues attending the Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference as well as small groups from the University of East London and Edge Hill University.The #minitwalk contributed to our understanding of the #Twalk (Walking, Talking, Tweeting, Thinking) method. (see the Storify)

Again we took a learning spaces theme with a dash of Xmas thrown in to add some colour! On our walk we considered the following spaces:

  • Informal seating area
  • Campus café
  • Walkways within or connecting a building
  • Stairs! or a lift!
  • A place for a water cooler moment, such as a water cooler or laptop loan cabinet
  • A classroom

Here are the instructions we used in Sheffield: SocMedHE-mini-twalk

We are currently constructing the Twalk Toolkit

Discussion groups in the conference contributed to our understanding of the #twalk method and the outcomes of this will be added to our Twalk toolkit. In the meantime, you can contribute you own ideas through the Google Docs we used.  The toolkit is a collection of guidance and reflections on using Twalks as a learning space.

We are currently constructing the Audio Feedback Toolkit

Do you use or support the use of audio feedback (including screencast and video feedback)? We are asking all practitioners to create an audio file lasting less than 3 minutes that explains,

  • how you are using audio, video, screencast, or other forms of feedback that incorporate the recorded voice;
  • why and what are the benefits or limitations;
  • 3 tips you would give others interested in using a similar technique.

Please send your audio file and other guidance including references to case studies and academic literature, to: a.j.middleton ‘at’ shu.ac.uk

Update on the Audio Feedback Toolkit

The toolkit is nearly complete and will always accept contributions. We are changing the WordPress theme and this will allow us to integrate all of the audio files properly. Sorry for the delay on this.

Upcoming projects

The development of toolkits gives us a good manageable and useful focus at the moment. We will offer events around the toolkits, both online and face-to-face.

Looking ahead to the next year, our direction suggests the following themes will preoccupy our toolkit and events focus:

  • Digital Storytelling toolkit
  • Blended and Hybrid spaces for learning
  • Social media for learning in partnership with the SocMedHE community

MELSIG is a voluntary association of academics, developers and learning technologists working in UK higher education. The group explores its common interest in the innovative use of digital and social media for enhancing and transforming learning.

It does this through events, open online activities and other collaborative activities led by the community members.

See our eventsresources and publications areas for examples of what we do.

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