Smart Learning – Book update

Smart Learning

teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post compulsory education

A quick update to let you know how the new new book is progressing.

We have had a good number of submissions for the book. Thank you. We have run several workshops and generated or captured ideas/scenarios too.

What I have to do now is look at what has been proposed and set out how things fit together at this stage to find cohesion or shape. I will do this in the next week. I will then respond to all those who have submitted. Where I spot common interests I will be asking those proposers if they would like to get in touch so that their ideas can be developed in parallel. I may also spot some obvious gaps for ‘think pieces’ and if I do I willl generate a list of articles that ‘need’ to be written and invite people to take on the challenge of addressing those. I will try to alert you via twitter and the MELSIG mailing list.

More on the Smart Learning book soon.

best wishes

Andrew Middleton

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